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Kitchen gfi outlets are not working (no power)

Laura S

I would like to replace the light fixture in the kitchen because it is too dark and would like to add lights under the kitchen cabinets.Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

Yvonne R

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Electrician - Electrician Questions
1.20 Does Landlord have to be present when contractor comes for an estimate?

Q. I am a new landlord and I need an electrician to come and provide an estimate (baseboard heater replacement). Can I just ask the electrician and tenant both to schedule the time which works for both of them and then just coordinate the work over the phone? Or: Do I have to be present there when contractor comes for an estimate?

A. You don't "have to" be there but you're now running a business. A business that is open to liability. What happens if your electrician takes a liking to your attractive female tenant? CYA and go thru the job with the electrician, he'll know exactly what you want and you'll know exactly what you're paying for. Most tradesmen give estimates in the evenings anyway.

1.20 Can you hire a plumber and electrician without going through the contractor?

Q. My first contractor flaked out and never gave me an estimate after I spent hours explaining to the plumber and electrician what I wanted done. Now I am trying to get the plumber and electrician's estimates and have them lined up to work on a specific date. "Professional courtesy" because the bid was under the flakey contractor has impeded the process. I want to save the "surcharge" my contractor would charge and just hire the plumber and electrician by myself. Why is this so hard? What is the secret code to get this done??!! I want to save myself the money, especially since the bids are already done and they know what I want/need done!

A. Yes of course you can! But if they are the general contractors sub contractors they might not feel right about doing it without the contractor. If this is the case, go through your local phone book or a home improvement book (they usually have them for free in the super markets) and find a LICENSED and INSURED plumber and electrician.

1.20 Who should I call to install an exhaust fan in my bathroom? And electrician or an air conditioning company?

Q. We desperately need an exhaust fan installed in our upstairs bathroom. There is one tiny window, which is not enough to expel all of the moisture (esp. living in FL!)... and no air conditioning vent. The bathroom is located on an exterior wall so I wouldn't think it would be too complicated. I just don't know who I should call to do it.

A. Actually, either one can do this job. When building new houses the electrician sets the fan housing and runs the wires, then the AC man runs the duct work when he roughs in his AC unit. Since there's gonna be a switch involved, I'd call an electrician first.

1.20 Questions about doing the big 3 upgrade?

Q. Last year I was about to do this install for my stereo, I bought all the stuff I need and then right when I was about to install it all, I took a reading of my power wire and it seemed to damn high already from what was coming from it. ( I can't remember the voltage because it was a year ago) I showed my uncle that's a mechanic ( not an electrician) and he said that "I wouldn't do it because it's already hi and it might fry lots of things" I know that the voltage was above 12.6 for sure! maybe 14 something? and that's before I even installed any extra gauge wire. so I just changed my mind and never installed it...I still have everything and I'm wanting to try this again and actually doit but I really don't want to ruin my car or fry all my audio equipment, should I hire a professional shop to do this so then they are liable for any damage? also - I have a kinetic 1400 battery under my hood powering my car. and my stereo is jl audio amp and sub. I don't want to buy a HO alt yet. thanks


1.20 Construction work??

Q. Is it possible at all for girls to do construction or demolition work of any kind? becuz i have called every job in the newspaper looking for a job and they seem to think its funny that i even consider applying for these types of jobs... Im tired of sitting at a desk all day :D

A. My husband is an electrician and there are women that do that work. Granted there aren't very many, and many of those that do work in the trade (at least here) aren't strong enough to do the work. Like they can't lift the larger ladders and such. Many women are strong enough, but don't get the chance because of that. What you may want to do is see if you can get in on a Union apprenticeship and see if you can get a shot that way. Good luck. It's good money if you can get it, in most of the buliding trades.

1.20 How do I find contractors and pricing for a commercial kitchen build out for a start-up restaurant?

Q. I am starting a new restaurant and need more accurate pricing estimates for the landlord and bank as far as kitchen build out costs. How do I find commercial kitchen contractors and how do I price shop without wasting everyone's time? Do I need an approved design layout first? Help!

A. I would do a layout first and then have the contractors bid it out according to the design layout. That way you get the contractors bidding out the same thing and you can compare apples to apples. They will ask some questions that you didn't think about so your design layout may alter. You can find reviews on the services you need at Angie’s List – from electrician to physician. This is a special link for a special offer: http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-3501334-10582896?sid=ya061209 This looks like residential contractors but I've gotten contractors that have done commercial work as well. At least you can see reviews of them. Hope it goes well!

1.20 Can my fridge, microwave, countertop receptacles and range hood all run off the same circuit?

Q. I am doing a kitchen remodel and the contractor doing the work ran the electrical as follows: 1 breaker for dishwasher and garbage disposal 1 breaker for lights 1 breaker for oven (220v) 1 breaker for countertop receptacles, which are also running the microwave, refrigerator and hood I am by no means an electrician - furthest thing from it - but it seems like there is a lot on that last circuit. The drywall is up and textured, etc. If this should be fixed, can it be done with minmal demo? Update - after reviewing your responses I chewed out my contractor and we will have dedicated breakers for each the refrigerator and microwave. Question - is it ok to have the hood remain on the same breaker with the convenience outlets and is it ok that we have only 1 breaker for the convenience outlets?


1.20 What tools does an electrician apprentice need to have for sure; and mechanic in his garage?

Q. What tools does an electrician apprentice need to have for sure; any tool you can think of? What are the tools that an electrician and mechanic uses in his garage and on different jobs and things. What is some of the most expensive tools he needs to think about when he is going out shopping; is their a better kind to look for;

A. Oh, that’s a leading question. Whatever tools you get, you’ll usually need the one you didn’t bring. Basic, basic tools are: Work Gloves (leather is acceptable) Multi-meter Non-contact voltage tester (also called a “wiggler”) Screwdriver set -- or a “multi” or 4-in-1 type. You need at least a #1 and #2 Phillips (cross-point), and smaller and larger slot screwdriver (sizes will vary). Allen wrench set (hex set) A shorter screwdriver (“stubby”) and an offset screwdriver will be helpful, too. Lineman’s pliers (pliers include heavy-duty cutter) Long-nose pliers Wire Stripper Wire-cutter (for copper wire) Small hammer There are a number of other tools that you will need, but you will know them as you do more complex projects. Always think safety first – confirm that the circuit you’re working on is not energized (has no power). Move cautiously – even though the majority of your tools will have insulation, that will not stop the tool from shorting a circuit if one of them is energized (even when you’re not working on that one). Work with a partner. If one of you runs into trouble, the other can help out.


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